I have my doubts, fears, “don’t want to get out of my bed” days. But I believe that good things happen if you do good. My business approach, just like my life’s philosophy, is to stay true to yourself. I learned how important it is to love yourself first. And I try to treat others with the same amount of respect. This opened so many doors on my way and brought me to invaluable life’s teachers. But most importantly, it gave me courage to believe in my values and capabilities. In business world this sometimes seems like mission impossible. Maybe more so it inspired me to start passing my experience forward, under the S-minding international project.

Not yet 23, I was placed on the position of call center project manager. My career actually started only few desks away – as an agent in call center Studio Moderna in Slovenia. But I guess I have done something right. Because few months later, I was sent to Latvia, to help at the newly opened Studio Moderna’s office in Riga. This was the start of my business rodeo within Studio Moderna Group, during which I took various responsibilities, lived and worked in many countries (Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia), and finished my career there as the Direct Sales Director being responsible for direct sales channels of Studio Moderna Group.

Each international experience gave me an important lesson on my business (&) life path. I learned that Turkish bazars are the key playground to master direct sales techniques, and how important personal touch is for successful sales process. I saw that some (no)values also rule the business world, but you can succeed anyway by staying loyal to your beliefs. I managed to crawl through the instable economic times, and reached the best business results by helping teams grow. After all, no one has ever done anything alone.

It is my character that makes me explore, try new things and constantly challenge myself. The same I do at work. On many many examples, I learned what works, I saw what not to do in business, and above all, I grew. I found my business purpose in sales, customer service and database marketing. And now in personal S-minding freelance agency for sustainable sales strategies and successful marketing programs.

What I do is not my job.

It is my passion. Therefore it was kind on natural move for me, after all these years, to create my own business. My style will always stay the same – the only constant thing that drives me is change. My mission, though, is very personal. Even when I work for the biggest, I still stay ME. Professional, yet humble enough to build relationships of trust.

Because in the end it is people who matter the most in this business.