Guiding you through effective marketing approaches to maximize return of investment, we also give you the broader meaning of growth. Because the ultimate success in business (&) life is not merely numbers. It’s fulfilment. In order to be successful, you must therefore understand people and get involved.

In fact, when you build yourself, when you build people, you build your business.

S-min(d)ing holistic approach

Mining for opportunities. Minding for your business and growth. Both starts with a review of the current situation and includes a whole range of activities that guarantee results. From sales development, processes that generate qualified demand, business closure procedures, to relevant follow up activities. We have talent and experience needed to deliver all aspects of successful sales and marketing programs. Our team is here to share with you expertise and creativity – whether for creating comprehensive strategy or advice on a specific task.

Full service range


  • Review of current status of products development, services, sales and marketing activities, front line teams, marketing plan and budgets, customer targets and communication
  • Review of current status and assessment of mining for opportunities
  • Strategic sales plan to focus on opportunities for improvement
  • Positioning and clear vision of the brand
  • Definition of major target groups and markets
  • Review of current communications and sales channels

Product Re-design

  • Choosing the right names – a name that will be protected in an appropriate way for marketing communication
  • Trademark branding
  • Definition of Unique Selling Points (USP’s)
  • Designing USPs for certain target groups
  • Designing offers for certain target audiences

Communication Re-design

  • Assessments of current communication
  • Coordination of the communication re-design

Communication and Strategic sales plan to focus on opportunities for improvement

  • Sales channels definitions based on target groups and best expected ROI
  • Definition of KPIs, Goals, Budget in ROI

Selection, training for the use of Strategic sales plan to focus on opportunities for improvement

  • Selection and staff assessment
  • Advanced S-minding training of sales and marketing people about holistic view on product design, sales channels, marketing plans, database marketing
  • Follow-up on education and specialised education as needed
  • Setting clear priorities, goals for the sales and marketing teams

Strategic partnering

  • New markets and customers growth
  • Meetings and negotiations with partners

Play safe. Take risk.

If you want your business to grow, if you want YOU to grow, you better take risk. In the constantly changing environment, there is nothing completely “safe”, but also nothing impossible. Actually, the riskiest thing you could do is not to risk at all.

We live in the age of now. The ability to take risk is what builds most chances for success.

Our team is here for you to make the right move.