Sandi Češko
Entrepreneur at Studio Moderna Brands International

I enjoyed working with Suzana. No is not an option for her. She was one of the key talents at Studio Moderna who started in the front row in the call center and made a career through the complex structure at Studio Moderna and became responsible for all direct channels of distribution.

Adrian Burleton
Enterprener, Former CEO and Chairman of the board Studio Moderna

Suzana is one of the best commercial people I ever worked with – she has a sense for product and what customers want and she has a clear understanding on how to sell and maximize customer satisfaction and in turn company performance – she has a natural intuition – that you cannot learn or teach!!

Branimir Brkljac
Entrepreneur, Former Studio Moderna Member of the Board Directors, Former chairman of ERA Europe

Suzana’s career gives the best picture of her character and capabilities. She started as an agent in call center of Studio Moderna in Slovenia and after few months was promoted and became a call center manager.

Jan Pinterič
YES, Co-founder and Executive director, Entrepreneur

I’ve worked with Suzana on several projects. We meet at the Association of successful Young executives, YES. She always ready to consult us at our digital agency. I asked for her support since she has thorough knowledge in multichannel sales and marketing as well as leadership. In addition she had experience in leading large global sales teams, which helped us with growth.

Iztok Colja
General Manager DotCom

Suzana is a sales driven nad sales minded person with proven experience and references in international sales. She is pitbull when it comes to goal setting and achieving results. Thanks to her experience she has been a great addition to our sales process, from setting up the sales strategy to achieving new customers.


Duško Kos
Director Studio Moderna d.o.o.

Since Suzana’s first days at Studio Moderna she was always the one, who raised hand to ask questions, like what more or what next.

Being curious and energetic and looking for new ways of doing things, she was able to bring every speaker, even her superiors – including me – at internal events in a kind of productive stress.

Bojan Lah
Telemarketing Director

I’ve worked in her teams roughly 10 years while she lead Call center in Slovenia or Direct sales channels in SM system and we would receive undefined numbers of that analyzing looks, sharp answers »that’s not it we must do better«, passionate »blitzkrieg« idea pitches how to »create possible out of impossible« and also numerous calls to action »we have to organize team building« with the team. 🙂

She always had a vision where to lead, ambition & boldness to deliver and outstanding sales ideas. If you are missing this in your business – call her now, you will not regret it! 😉

Mirko Zapletal
Sales Director, Former Studio Moderna Russia Commercial director

I always admired Suzana for her ability to push teams and people to perform, deliver results and to achieve those “additional 10%” and never be satisfied with something that is just okay.