Last year I have faced so many life-changing events – one after another. Some got me empowered, and some got me lost. I had many people telling me that they know and believe I will be fine. But it is not that easy to find your flow, because anything can happen when you take risk. It is a delicate balance between hope and fear. In business (&) life!

However, my S-minding project was my kind of “risk taking” and “playing it safe” at the same time. I was risking because I started on my own. Regardless of my experience, it seemed like starting from zero point. But I was also playing safe. After all, what I do with S-minding is what I know most about.

So after going through challenging times, it is all about what you do with situations. I learned that things, events and people that break you are also those that help to make you YOU. In the end it is YOU who needs to decide to live a better version of yourself.  In business (&) life!

If we don’t work on raising our consciousness, then we will continue to attract “wrong”, and we will be damaged over and over again by the same things, regardless of logical information we have. Same is true for companies, teams and us. The true healing solution always was, and always will be, raising our own consciousness. Where are we, what are our values, where can we do better, be better? The answer to all these questions is simple. We just need to grow. In business (&) life!

With my blog I want to share business (&) life S-miniding thoughts, experiences and present interesting people worth to follow and listen to. »No bullshit« advice and stories. Just naked reality as it is. I just want to share ReMinder-S for all of us. In business (&) life we all have good days, bad days, fears and hopes. We all have dreams, we try to protect something, we are all in habit of doing something good or bad and we all need a helping hand from time to time. But the most important thing is to know that we all want to do well. What I realised is that what stands for business also stands for life. We can’t have and live different values, or even share the values that we don’t live and support. On the other hand, it’s not hard at all to make decisions when you know what your values are.

Through everything I have experienced in business (&) life, I also realised that highest severance “payment” that you get is “humanisation” of what we do. People! People we work with, people we help growing, people we watch succeed. Partners with win-win deals. Individuals with wings. I am really lucky to be in position to make it happen with many. And I want more of it. With S-minding I want to create more of these stories, together with highly capable and efficient team of co-workers, specially designed for each project and need. To guide companies, sales, teams and individuals up and forward. In business (&) life.

Thank you to all of you, who inspired my new business & life project and believed in it. In this insta world we are too much concerned whether others will like us. Forgetting that we need to like first what we are & what we do, what we represent, what we stand for and how we take care of people we share our stories with. In business (&) life. And this I like, actually love – a lot! I hope you will like it too.  😊

Welcome to my S-minding.